Featured image in our first article: "Climate Risk Management Science".

Climate Risk Management Science | A New Website for a New Industry

Here we are with our first article in Climate Risk Management Science – the science of managing climate risk. This is a new website for a new science, and we are excited to have this new platform to write about the subject as the discipline grows, develops and matures. We start our blog by providing […]

Image text: "China fires up an artificial sun".

China Fires Up An “Artificial Sun” – Will Fusion Power be a New Climate Risk Factor?

China has successfully powered an artificial sun to 120 million degrees Celsius. This is merely another milestone in their nuclear fusion journey. But, it could herald an abundant renewable energy future. That’s why we see the progress made as China fires up its first “Artificial Sun” as an interesting new climate management risk factor. If […]

Image text: "GHG Reduction for transport in Germany".

GHG Reduction for Transport – German MPs Move on Decarbonisation

It is good news that Germany is acting to implement a new and more climate-friendly GHG reduction for transport in the latest move by German MPs on decarbonisation The legislation sets a high target for crop-based biofuels producers in Germany. The regulations are aiming for up to 4.4% of future energy used in transportation. This […]

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Climate Change Risks – Why Our Future on Earth May Not Be What It Is Supposed to Be

This website is all about managing climate change risks, and a big part of that it understanding the nature of the existential risks society is taking in the first place. That’s why we are privileged to have been given permission to publish the following white paper as an article below: How our (in)actions in dealing […]

Featured Image showing coal-How power plants in US should transition to low carbon.

Coal Power Plants in US Can Be Part of the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

The following article outlines a suggested pragmatic strategy for Coal Power Plants in US showing the possible role of these stations in the Biden Administration to Fight Climate Change in the energy sector, with immediate action possible. There is no need for any Coal Power Plant operators or employees in the US to fear imminent […]

US Will be a Big Global Decarbonizer – Why Much of the US Remains Committed to the 2015 Paris Accord on Climate Change

US Will be a Big Global Decarbonizer – Why Much of the US Remains Committed to the 2015 Paris Accord on Climate Change

The US may have left the Paris Agreement and the next President, will face Republican opposition to climate action in Congress, but none of that will stop the individual States’ which are set on their own decarbonisation efforts. Nov. 4, 2020, is notable for an ignominious reason – it marked the official US exit from […]

ExxonMobil Fails to Set Itself a Long-Term Net-Zero Emissions Goal Just Claims a ‘Paris Consistent’ Climate Plan

ExxonMobil Fails to Set Itself a Long-Term Net-Zero Emissions Goal Just Claims a ‘Paris Consistent’ Climate Plan

ExxonMobil has been criticised by Scientists for failing to set itself a long-term Net-Zero emissions goal. It just claims having a ‘Paris Consistent’ Climate Plan. The US oil and gas major does offer ‘respect and support’ for the global ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Nevertheless, campaigners remain less than convinced. ExxonMobil has unveiled […]


Net Zero Targets: Global Corporate Net Zero Drive ‘Resembles Wild West’, BNEF Warns

Net-Zero Targets are being set by global corporate companies in the Net Zero drive the world is embarking upon, it ‘Resembles Wild West’, says BNEF Warns. The lack of any standardisation or regulation for setting net-zero targets risks undermining credibility and legitimacy of corporate climate action, influential analyst firm warns. The concern is that this […]

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Climate Change and the Oil Industry Risking Planetary Disaster to Fuel the 20th Century

On This Page Iraqis fight climate-changing oil companies in 2020 Oil and gas companies are part of the climate change solution Taking action on climate change Oil industry article suppression about climate change Climate Change and Energy What About Climate Change? Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Climate Change Climate change and the oil industry have […]

Image shows a GLOF Lake - Glacier GLOF image page.

Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) Risk Reduction Project in the Himalayas

The Regional Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) Risk Reduction Project in the Himalayas, was a project which was jointly funded by the European Commission Humanitarian Aid department (ECHO) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR). It was originally reported in a series of pages in the predecessor website […]

Image illustrates climate change due to volcanic activity.

Climate Changes Due To Global Warming and Volcanic Activity

Undoubtably, most climate changes over the last 100 years have been due to global warming, but other events influence climate change as well. One such is volcanic activity when eruptions and major events occur. We decided to use this article to describe first those climate changes recognised as being invoked by temperature rises, and second […]