February 2021

Featured image with text: "What Climate Risk means future on earth".

Climate Change Risks – Why Our Future on Earth May Not Be What It Is Supposed to Be

This website is all about managing climate change risks, and a big part of that it understanding the nature of the existential risks society is taking in the first place. That’s why we are privileged to have been given permission to publish the following white paper as an article below: How our (in)actions in dealing […]

Featured Image showing coal-How power plants in US should transition to low carbon.

Coal Power Plants in US Can Be Part of the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy

The following article outlines a suggested pragmatic strategy for Coal Power Plants in US showing the possible role of these stations in the Biden Administration to Fight Climate Change in the energy sector, with immediate action possible. There is no need for any Coal Power Plant operators or employees in the US to fear imminent […]